Barbara Eileen Gordon(nee Kean) was the mother of Barbara Gordon and James Gordon Jr.. She is the wife of James Gordon and the daughter of Richard and Caroline Kean. Barbara is also the mother-in-law of Dick Grayson, although she did not live long enough to see the wedding.

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Barbara Kean was a loving person although she did have a taste in men that dabbled in the dark side. This is evidenced by the fact that she was immediately smitten by Cameron van Cleer. Barbara tried to help her son in every way that didn't hurt him when he was overcome by a mental illness. Barbara was caring person up until her untimely murder at age 40.

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  • Barbara Gordon: Barbara's daughter.
  • James Gordon: Barbara's husband.
  • James Gordon Jr.: Barbara's son.
  • Cameron van Cleer: Barbara's fiancee before her death.

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