Jason is the second episode of the seventh season of NBC's The Batman. It first aired on November 24, 2014. It is the eightieth episode overall. It is also a special two-hour episode.

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Maggie and Ryder's wedding is interrupted when the former goes into labor. Bruce realizes his former sidekick from when he was "dead" three years ago has been brought back from the grave, though Damien and Diana try to reassure him that it is only his imagination. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Maggie's baby is not coming out and Ryder is worried.

Plot Edit

At the church where the wedding will take place, Maggie has been forced to get a new dress to fit her pregnancy. Ryder is suited up and prepares to take his place. Bruce, Tim, and Allen are there as Ryder's best men. Stephanie, Diana, and Kate, who has returned, are there as her bridesmaids. Clark and Damien are in attendance. Maggie is brought to the alter by Alfred. Ryder is already there. The couple smile at each other as Reverend Ellis begins. However, at that moment the baby kicks and Maggie goes into labor. Everybody goes into a panic as Alfred, Allen, Tim, Ryder, and Kate bring Maggie to the car to get the hospital. Ellis tells everyone the wedding can resume after Maggie recovers. Everyone is sad that the wedding will have to be performed again later. Bruce, Clark, Damien, Stephanie, and Diana stay to put away the decorations.

Bruce wheels away the cake and takes a bite. However, at that moment, the cake and cart is sliced in half as a man with a machete and in a red mask jumps in through the skylight. He fights Bruce. Bruce fights back and grabs a knife. He stabs the man in the chest, but the man pulls it out, uninjured. Bruce is confused. The two wrestle. Bruce pulls the mask off and sees the bloodied face of a man from his past. The man escapes with his mask. Bruce has a memory to three years ago when he was thought to be dead. Bruce fought crime as a vigilante in blue and grey. He also had a sidekick, who was killed in an explosion. The man who attacked Bruce is his dead sidekick. In the old Bat-cave, the Joker, Harley, Two-Face, Bane, Killer Croc, and Riddler are still happy they were able to make a mark on the city again. The Joker remembers all the cells that Bruce had, with several prisoners inside. Harley realizes they can infiltrate the Bat-cave and release all the prisoners. The six laugh and begin to plot out their move. At the League of Assassins, Ra's stands and is visited by the man that attacked Bruce. The man is Bruce's former sidekick who was brought back to life and mind-controlled into needing to kill Bruce and Damian. Azrael is also there. Ra's gives them each a target to kill, Azrael gets Damian, while "Red Hood", the sidekick, gets Bruce.

In flashbacks, Bruce as the vigilante he was three years ago meets Jason Todd, a man begging to work with him. Jason makes himself a Robin costume and joins Bruce. However, the two learn that Jason's mom has been kidnapped by the local mob and find where she is being kept. However, there Jason is kidnapped and the building explodes, killing Jason and his mother. In present day, Bruce awakens in the mansion. He gets up and makes himself breakfast. Stephanie walks out and asks him what he is doing. Bruce reveals what he saw to her. Stephanie thinks it was just his imagination but Bruce says the cake was sliced in half.

At the hospital, Tim, Kate, Allen, and Alfred wait in the lobby with Ryder as Maggie has been in labor for over twelve hours. The doctor comes out and reveals that the baby is not leaving Maggie's womb. Ryder is frustrated by tries to put on a happy face for Maggie. At the mansion, Clark and Diana awaken when they hear knocking on the window. They find Stephanie and Bruce talking downstairs and the four realize someone is trying to get in. Bruce gets Damian up and the five get into costume. Azrael and Red Hood arrive and the heroes fight the assassins. Outside the mansion, Joker leads his villain team into the Bat-cave where they find James Jr. and all the League of Assassins members that were captured.

Maggie finally is able to push out the baby but is losing a lot of blood. Ryder becomes worried and leaves the hospital. Kate goes after him and talks to him about what he is thinking. Ryder tells her he does not want Maggie to die. Kate tells him she doesn't either and the two bond over their love for Maggie. The doctor reveals he was able to stop the bleeding but will need a transplant. However, Maggie has B-, a rare blood type, and can only recieve from other B-s and an O-, the universal donor. Ryder begins to breakdown.

Red Hood is nearly able to kill Bruce but he is able to smash Red Hood out of the two-story window. However, he sees Red Hood has disappeared from the lawn. Azrael fights Damian and even stabs Damian through the chest. Clark flies away with Azrael and drops him from above the clouds. At the mansion, Bruce tries to stop the bleeding but realizes they need to put him on life support and bring him to the Lazarus Pit. The heroes board Damian onto the jet and fly away. Just as they leave, the Joker leads the villains with James Jr. and many of the assassins into the mansion. However, Joker sees there is no one there and leads the group out.

Bane agrees to take James and keep him safe for the time being. The Joker tells the assassins they can do whatever they want around the city. On the jet heading to the League, they get an alert that the prisoners were released. Diana tells them to keep going and she'll handle it. At the hospital, Maggie's heartbeat begins to slow as they have found no donor yet.

Clark goes back to the ground but discovers Azrael has escaped. He sees Diana flying and goes after her. The two meet up and Diana tells Clark about the prisoners. The two make it back to the mansion and find no trace of the prisoners or anybody who would have gotten them out. The two begin patroling the area to find where they are. Bruce and Stephanie begin to land the plane just outside the League. They bring Damian inside and beg Ra's to bring him back. Ra's disagrees and tells them that when the Lazarus Pit is used too many times to bring back the dead, it could start to have some after effects on the user. Bruce does not care and brings Damian back. Damian awakens but begins to attack Bruce, Stephanie, and Ra's.

The Joker, Harley, Two-Face, Riddler, and Croc return to the base where they tell Bane via microphone where to bring James. Bane brings James to where his father used to live. James begins to cry with memories but Bane begins to beat him. James coughs up blood and fights back. He pins Bane down and begins to beat him. Bane gets him to stop but tells James he is now a fighter. James is upset and leaves Bane.

At the hospital, Ryder gets everyone tested and finds out only Kate has O- and she agrees to donate her blood. Kate is hooked up and begins to transfer her blood. Bruce, Stephanie, and Ra;s fight off Damian and finally knock him out. Bruce and Stephanie leave with Damian as Ra's smiles. Azrael and Red Hood ask Ra's why he helped them. Ra's reveals Damian has lost his spirit and now will only destroy his surroundings until he is destroyed himself. James finds a picture of him, Barbara, and their parents. James finds a phone and calls Barbara, however, he cannot bring himself to talk.

Maggie is recovered and she and Ryder begin to go over baby names. Tim, Alfred, Allen, and Kate are glad but go home as they are tired form staying up all night. They find the mansion torn apart and ransacked. They review the security footage but fall asleep before they can go out to find them. Diana and Clark finally find most of the assassins and return them to their cells. The two learn from an elderly woman that she saw Bane and James go to an apartment building. The two heroes find Bane and James there and fight them off. However, they almost kill James but Diana rescues him from falling. Bane escapes but the villains team learn he has left Gotham.

Bruce and Stephanie put Damian in a cell for the time being and awaken the sleeping team. Clark and Diana return with James. All of the prisoners have been restored but Bruce worries there is nothing they can do for Damian. Maggie and Ryder reveal they are going to name the child Carrie. At the old Bat-cave, Harley is mad that they let Bane get away and she wants him dead. Two-Face calms her down and they begin to undress and have sex.

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Guest Starring Edit

  • Yvonne Strahovski as Kate Kane
  • Nicholas Woodeson as Reverend Ellis
  • Sebastian Koch as Doctor Green
  • Sarah Hyland as Barbara Gordon (Voice Only)

Trivia Edit

  • This episode achieved 18.51 million U.S. live viewers. This episode received the highest ratings the series has ever had.
  • Grant Gustin does not appear in this episode as Barry Allen.
  • This episode received very positive reviews. It scored 96% on Rotten Tomatoes, a 94 out of 100 on Metacritic, and 8.7/10 on IGN.
  • Guest stars in this episode include Yvonne Strahovski, Nicholas Woodeson, and Sebastian Koch as Kate Kane, Reverend Ellis, and Doctor Green. Sarah Hyland also guest stars but only her voice is heard.
  • This episode is rated TV-14 for D-L-V.