Oswald Cobblepot was the disfigured son of David and Patricia Cobblepot. Penguin was one of the first major supervillains in Gotham being impaled indirectly by Jervis Tetch in Not Funny.

History Edit

Before the Show Edit

Oswald Cobblepot was born as a famous child, being the son of fashion models, David and Patricia Cobblepot. However, the couple learned their child was disfigured and could not let him disgrace the beautiful family name, so they dropped him into the sewer and lied to the media, saying he was kidnapped from their home and never found. Unbeknownst to the couple, Oswald had survived and was raised by a young group of outcasts who were sent into the sewer. Oswald left the pack when he was 16 and began making a living by robbing several jewelry stores. Once the Joker made his appearance in Gotham, Oswald and Edward Nygma joined the Joker, Oswald being given the name Penguin due to his deformities.

Season 1 Edit

Personality Edit

Oswald is very stupid due to not being taught any knowledge in the sewer pack. Oswald is also very kind, rarely killing his victims. Oswald also deeply that Batman be alive until the right time, even sacrificing himself to help the group of villains.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Umbrella: Oswald has converted the umbrella he always wore into a weapon, giving it a fan to escape with, and a gun-like material in front, to carry and shoot bullets.


  • David Cobblepot: Oswald's father.
  • Patricia Cobblepot: Oswald's mother.
  • The Joker†: an ally of the Penguin's.
  • Riddler: an ally of the Penguin's.
  • Catwoman†: a woman that Penguin loved, or at least cared deeply for.
  • Mad Hatter: an ally of the Penguin's.
  • Killer Croc: an ally of the Penguin's.

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