Selina Kyle was the daughter of Quinn and Maria Kyle. Catwoman was a supervillain inspired by her partners to become a villain after her transformation, before being shot and killed by Jim Gordon in City of Crime.

History Edit

Before the Show Edit

Selina Kyle was a well educated child and grew up to become a successful woman, working for one of the most rich companies in Gotham. However, Selina's boss is murdered and Selina is framed, so she joins the streets of Gotham. After two years of this, Selina saw the Joker, Penguin, and the Riddler becoming known criminals in Gotham, eventually being called supervillains, so Selina joined to give a female touch. The four ruled like this over Gotham until a fallout happened, in which Selina joined Penguin and Riddler left the group, leaving Joker alone.

Season 1 Edit

Personality Edit

Selina is mysterious and can take risks. Selina can charm anyone into doing anything. You can never predict what Selina will do next.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Whip: Selina uses her whip to trap people and also punish them.


  • Quinn Kyle: Selina's father.
  • Maria Kyle: Selina's mother.
  • Harley Quinn: a good friend of Selina's.
  • Penguin†: the man that Selina loved.
  • Riddler: an ally of Selina's.
  • The Joker†: an on-and-off again ally of Selina's.
  • Two-Face: an ally of Selina's.

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