Bruce: He's close. I can tell.

Merlyn: Or maybe that's just us?

Luthor: Coming up to find you.

Merlyn: Give us the time to tell you.

Luthor: How we will succeed!

Barbara: The Meister got you too?

Merlyn: He showed us how together we will never win

Luthor: But we can if we use someone like him.

Merlyn: Oh we will succeed.

Luthor: No matter how long it takes.

Merlyn: Yes we'll succeed.

Luthor: No matter the pain and heartaches.

Barry: Stop this mess! We will win.

Clark: No Barry! Don't go over.

Barry: We cannot help but join the Meister's team.

Clark: But how this is possible is the thing.

MerlynEvery single plan we have there's always Batman in the way.

Luthor: And now after months of this (Luthor puts a gun to Barry's head) Someone's going to pay.

Bruce: No wait don't!

Barry: Don't worry Bruce, everything that happens is the Meister's plan.

Clark: Wait let me help. A gun won't kill the world's fastest man.

Luthor: Oh we will succeed.

Merlyn: No matter how hard it is.

Luthor: Yes we'll succeed.

MerlynNo matter how hard they make it.

All Singers: We will succeed!