Wonder Woman is an NBC television series that was the fourth installment in the DC-NBC universe. In the series, Diana has moved on to help in the ongoing Afghanistan war. There she meets many war consultants, including a soldier who shares the name of a man from her past. The series aired for fifteen episodes on Sundays before concluding.

Summary Edit

After a year of being with Bruce in Gotham, Diana realizes her true calling is helping people in the Afghanistan War, which continues to rage on. There she meets Sebastian Ballesteros, an Afghan soldier who joined the American army after being severely mistreated, Barbara Gordon, a former vigilante from Keystone who has joined the army as technical support, Gina Fine, a nurse who is developing a cure for cancer, General Seuz, the leading general in the army unit based there, and Steve Trevor, an American soldier who shares a name with a man from Diana's past.

Cast Edit

Starring Edit

  • Gal Gadot as Diana Prince
  • Charlie Hunnam as Steve Trevor
  • Tom Ellis as Sebastian Ballesteros
  • Sarah Hyland as Barbara Gordon
  • Anna Camp as Gina Fine
  • David Morse as General Seuz